Balloon Folding & Pleating

MPT Europe BV offers a wide range of balloon pleating and folding equipment. Depending on your needs, we will select the most feasible option for you. Ranging from manual PT-series balloon pleaters to fully automated PTF-Series balloon pleating and folding machines.

The PTF-type balloon pleating and folding machines are capable of pleating and folding balloons up to 300 mm. For the longer balloons, we offer automated tensioning systems (i.e. PTF-240-T). These tensioning systems keep the inner bodies straight and tensioned during pleating and folding, resulting in the precise folding of long balloons.

Heated pleating blades are optional. This feature allows the temperature of each blade to be controlled independently. The fold pleating modules can be quickly exchanged for  3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 fold pleats. The machines are fitted with a unique product clamp system that allows processing of balloon components and finished products without changing the setup. The PTF-type machines have position and force-controlled folding heads with Medical Production Technology Europe BV zero-gap technology.

The latest developments include fully film-protected systems where the balloons do not come into contact with the blades directly but are always protected with a very thin foil.