Specialty Manufacturing

SYNEO can ensure your product is manufactured at the highest quality with automation efficiencies whether your product is in initial R&D development stages or at full-scale production.

SYNEO utilizes in-house production equipment and tooling to perform manufacturing functions on a contract basis. Drawing on designs from our standard automation solution platform, SYNEO’s medical device specialty manufacturing service division can process a wide range of medical-grade materials including single-lumen or multi-lumen tubing, wire-reinforced tubing, and nitinol wire. SYNEO offers custom short and long-run catheter manufacturing services and medical tubing assembly services include:

  • Cut-to-length services
  • Hole-making
  • Tube slitting
  • Tip forming and flaring
  • Printing
  • Laser-marking


SYNEO along with its sister companies specializes in the design, development, and production of customizable automated and semi-automated systems with the purpose of improving quality and supporting operators and technicians in manual and resource-heavy operations. 

Catheter Component Processing

SYNEO provides catheter component and guidewire component manufacturing services to a wide range of OEMs and other contract manufacturers. 

Device Assembly Services

As medical manufacturers, SYNEO’s competitive advantage with catheter component processing and assembly is our custom designed machines.


SYNEO manufactures medical precision cutting tools with unparalleled sharpness for drilling, punching, and skiving holes in catheter tubing and tissue-cutting medical devices.