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Catheter Punches by SYNEO

SYNEO provides automated solutions in medical device manufacturing, making the cutting, punching, drilling and skiving of holes into catheter-based material a seamlessly integrated process that produces high quality results. We manufacture catheter punches that are very precise and durable for repeated performance. Our integrated solutions enhance the productivity and efficiency of the medical device manufacturing process, which is why SYNEO has remained a leader in the medical device manufacturing industry. With each of our clients, we conduct a full evaluation to determine the best material, dimension, tip style and coating that meets your individual needs.



Made of engineered metal, this series of catheter punches is best chosen for braided catheter tubing applications. We can manufacture the punch diameter to meet desired specifications.


These catheter punches are made of hard temper, 304 stainless steel. This series is a cost-effective option and is available in a number of gauge sizes. These punches are coated with Titanium Nitride for added durability but the coating also offers lubricity while drilling holes in catheters.


This series is manufactured from 17-4 stainless steel and then heat treated for maximum durability. Its strength and resistance makes this series the best combination of durability and cost effectiveness.


Similar to the H-Series, this material provides superior strength for even the most demanding production output.

Cutting Tip Styles and Shapes

We manufacture our punches so that each client’s needs are met. The cutting edge or tip style is categorized by either inside, middle or outside depending on the application. We also offer different shapes such as round, oval, triangle, square or other custom cutter shapes.

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For catheter punches that stand the test of time, contact SYNEO today. Our medical devices can increase the efficiency and quality of your production. To learn more about our catheter punches and hole-making process, visit catheter hole punching page on our website. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction, contact us today!

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