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Pressfit Models

SYNEO’s Pressfit solutions target advanced manual and automatic pressing needs for high force and high precision printed circuit board (PCB) applications.

SYNEO's Pressfit machines bring enhanced levels of control and force measurement that improve efficiency and yields in the manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards. SYNEO's Pressfit machine is configured for Factory 4.0 connectivity and brings an advanced software suite to the end user, allowing any user to manage applications of the past, present, and future.

Tired Of Crushing Connectors? Let Syneo Help.


  • 400% more press-force resolution.
  • True press position measurement using a Z-axis linear encoder.
  • Improved rigidity in the Press-Head structure.
  • Zero Gap Press Head. Other designs have a dead-zone (gap between press head and structure support) which must be compensated for in the press profile through software. This can provide problems with very small connector applications.

SYNEO'S technical team brings over 60+ years of Press-fit design and manufacturing ezperience, spanning back to the invetion of the servo press technology.

Drawing on this expericne, SYNEO's new line of manual and automatic presses feature advanceed user-features such as:

  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Factory 4.0 Capability
  • Windows-based PC Configurations
  • Software and editor database backwards compatibility with prior MEP and AEP designs

Software Driven Press

A very friendly user interface software, operating under Windows, allows the programming of most of the connectors available on the market. By entering very basic measurement information, the software automatically generates the required Profile to accurately press the connector.  

SYNEO’s software comes standard with a powerful importing tool, allowing the use of other popular press-fit programs or certain Gerber file types. In case your file would not be recognized by our software, our dynamic team of software programmers is always anxious to interpret your data and offer a new importing platform. Designed, with a unique troubleshooting system, to assist in the machine setup and reduce the setup time. It is totally open to the outside world, where all exchange files follow the XML format allowing other equipment to communicate with our equipment.


Get the most from your SYNEO Pressfit equipment by having a skilled SYNEO service technician visit your facility to provide value-added service and calibrations to help maintain equipment. SYNEO offer’s flexible service packages to allow machine operators to receive scheduled visits to inspect and maintain equipment and keep presses operating effectively.

SYNEO can also offer Service, Calibration and Upgrades to other manufacturers systems