The Glebar GSR-6 Guidewire Deburring Machine deburrs guidewires while automatically separating pass and fail parts and counting the number of wires processed. This automated process removes the operator, avoiding repetitive strain injuries. Operators can choose from the presets for radii or chamfers or create a custom configuration. 

, Glebar GSR-6 Deburring Machine

Key Features

  •  Deburrs guidewires while automatically separating pass/fail parts.
  • Compact, bench-top design.
  • Straightforward, color touch-screen controls.
  • Simple selection of tip configurations via touch screen from theparts library.
  • Wide variety of preset radii and chamfers.
  • Ability to create and save custom configurations.
  • Vision system for pass/fail identification of ground parts.
  • Built-in counter keeps track of how many wires are processed.


  •  Minimum Wire Length: 10” (254mm)
  • Maximum Wire Length: Unlimited cut wire
  • Minimum Wire Diameter: 0.008” (0.203mm)
  • Maximum Wire Diameter: 0.030” (0.762mm)
  • Power: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz, 10/5A
  • Air: 4CFM @ 80 PSI
  • Machine Weight: 100lbs
  • Machine Footprint: 26” x 65” x22” (66 x 165 x 56cm)