CPS-1000: Computerized Parison Stretcher

The Interface CPS-1000 is a system designed to stretch or neck-down tubing parisons in preparation for the balloon forming process. It is easily programmable through the tilt touchscreen and capable of storing multiple program parameters with an operator lock-out option.

Parameters Include

  • Stretch Speed
  • Temperature
  • Distance
  • Timing
  • Tension Control (relax)

Key Features

  • High throughput with up to 3 tubes per cycle
  • Easily programmable using the tilt touchscreen
  • PLC-controlled with program storage
  • Password lockout
  • Uniform stretched tubing with repeatable results
  • Three heater jaws available for a wide range of balloon tubing materials and sizes



60.5” W x 22.0” D x 17.8” H 1,537 mm x 559 mm x 452 mm

Electrical Power:

110 VAC 60 Hz F 6.25A 250 VAC 220-240 VAC 50 Hz F 5A 250 VAC

Maximum Stretch Distance:

350 mm each direction (13.78”)

Temperature Range:

Up to 400°F (204°C)

Stretch Speed:

1 to 240 mm/sec

Programmable Storage:

50 recipe storage capacity