Fully-automated for midplane and large backplane PCBs and multi-up fixtured PCBAs; mid to high volume; mid to high mix applications 

Key Features

  • Max Connector Size 380mm X 50mm, Board Size 1200mm X 900mm 


  • Automatic Board Width Adjustment
  • Automatic Vision Alignment System
  • (TDM) True Distance Measurement to prevent folding pins
  • Accommodates a backplane carrying high speed connector
  • Uses Dedicated Bottom Fixtures OR Individual Bottom Tool
  • Extremely Flexible with Changeover times of less than 1 minute
  • True SMEMA Interface – no expensive buffer needed
  • CAD Import system to quickly transfer press position information
  • Common Software with 1 Click Recipe Transfer Between Machines
  • Automatic Profile generation – NO MORE PROFILES TO WRITE
  • Industry 4.0 Ready