Automated Braided Tubing Cutter - Accu-Cut 700L

The Accu-Cut 700L Automated Braided Tubing Cutter brings the engineering of the Accu-Cut 202L to difficult materials, including braid-reinforced tubing, stainless steel, polycarbonate and nylon 12. The 700L features a high precision automatic indexer, which provides repeatable lengths, and a full-color LCD touchscreen. It is programmable and has many options available to fit your requirements. 

Key Features

  • Quick setup and changeover 

  • Low-cost, easy-to-change blade 

  • Automatic indexer; no mandrel necessary 

  • Ready-to-use with the Accu-Feed CPF for stick-fed, fully-automated, high-speed production 

  • Intelligent indexing system detects and prevents jams 


  • Rate: 30ppm 
  • Speed: 14”/second (36cm/second) 
  • High speed option: 45”/second (114cm/second) 
  • Standard deviation: .003” (short lengths) (0.08mm) 
  • Repeatability (+/-): .007” (0.18mm) 
  • Design annual usage: 2 million cycles 
  • Typical materials: Braid-reinforced, PEEK, polycarbonate, nylon 12 and stainless steel tubing 
  • Cut length range: .050-72” (1.27-1829mm) 
  • Length handling range: 2-100” (5-254cm) 
  • OD handling range (cut): .025-.0.350” (.64-8.90mm) 
  • Power: 100-240VAC at 1A 
  • Air: 90psi at 0.1-5cfm 
  • HMI: 7” full color LCD touchscreen 
  • Dimensions (standard machine): 14” x 20” x 14.5” (35.6 x 50.8 x 36.8cm) 
  • Weight (standard machine): 50 lb. (22.7 kg) 
  • Storage and operation environment: 50-100° Fahrenheit and humidity of less than 60% (10-38° Celsius) 
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Certifications: CE optional; safety cover & 

Commonly Used Materials

  • Metal braid reinforced composite materials