MPT Europe BV has a well-equipped toolroom with modern CNC machines. In this toolroom we fabricate all the parts used in the machines we design an built for the medical industry. Doing so gives us the high quality levels we desire, and enables us to quickly modify and change designs. And provides us with the possibility to provide excellent service having full control.

Amongst the available technologies are wire-EDM, CNC grinding , CNC milling and CNC turning and laser cutting and engraving (both CO2 and fiber).

Now we also have the possibility for 3D printing components as we invested in a 3D FDM printer (Ultimaker S5)  allowing us to print both prototype parts & functional parts from a large variety of materials.

We have started working with this new technology already for our prototype equipment, allowing us to have yet another way of making parts. Soon you might find 3D printed components integrated in your machine!