Granite Based Pin Straightener and Inspection System


The automated pin straightening and inspection system is used to straighten large arrays of pins in backplane printed circuit boards. The structure is comprised entirely of custom machined solid granite pieces. This includes 3 support legs, 1 main table surface, 2 risers, and 1 cross beam. The PCB is carried on the Y-axis which is mounted to the table surface while the straightening and inspection tooling is mounts on the bridge. The Z-axis is mounted on the Y-axis. All axes are driven by high performance servos motors. The X&Y axes have integrated linear encoders in Schneeberger cross-roller linear guides and are both are capable of 1000 pounds thrust. The vision camera is mounted on the Z-axis and can be positioned over any pin tip for accurate location anywhere in the 3’X4’ work area. The sequence of operation is to lower a bar with holes over an array of pins that are press fit into the PCB and bend them in a very precise and controlled sequence in X & Y to bring all pin tips to within 0.001” of true position. Custom high level recipe software allows any pattern for straightening and inspection to be programmed in a simple and intuitive way.


  • Solid granite construction for thermal and mechanical stability
  • 3 high performance servo axes
  • High rigidity cross roller linear guides with integrated linear encoders
  • Vision based pin tip location to better than 0.001” true position
  • Max PCB size 3’X4’
  • 220VAC, 20 AMPS
  • 80 PSI shop air
  • Weight – 22,000 lbs

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