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Contract Services Overview


SYNEO utilizes in-house equipment and production tooling to perform manufacturing functions on a contract basis. SYNEO is capable of performing a single function or multiple functions on the tubing including cut-to-length services, hole-making, slitting, flaring, tipping and grinding, as well as laser-based solutions such as micro-machining and marking. Drilling, punching and skiving functions are accomplished using SYNEO cutting tools, which can be viewed in Catheter Hole Making. Whether you are seeking a low volume, one-time production run for an R&D application or long-term production support on an established catheter-based product, SYNEO can provide the right solution for your contract manufacturing needs.



SYNEO’s contract manufacturing service offering provides material processing tasks including cut-to-length services, hole-making, slitting, tip forming and flaring, printing and grinding, and laser-based device marking.

Drawing on designs from SYNEO’s standard Medical Machine and Punch platforms, SYNEO’s contract services division is capable of processing a wide range of medical grade materials including single-lumen or multi-lumen tubing, wire-reinforced tubing, and nitinol wire.

SYNEO maintains an ISO 7 Class 10,000 Certified Clean Room for contract service processing, with specific gowning, booties, gloves, masks and footwear available to meet the requirements of the project.

SYNEO utilizes proprietary machines and tooling to perform its contract services. The SYNEO team draws on in-depth knowledge of equipment capabilities and tools to ensure that each achieves the highest success rate and quality. The equipment and tooling is more readily adaptable to each specific application because of knowledge and experience of the SYNEO operators and supporting technical staff. In addition to its dedicated contract service equipment cells, machines listed under the Medical Machines tab may be used to provide contract services and SYNEO can provide application-specific tooling to achieve optimum results.

Regardless of the stage of your device’s life cycle, let SYNEO tailor the right solution to support your contract manufacturing needs.


Contract Service Capabilities


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