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SYNEO provides the most innovative solutions in the industry of medical device manufacturing. We specialize in the design and manufacture of systems for precision hole drilling in addition to cutting, feeding, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving and assembling of tubing and wire. Through integrated processes that include automation, SYNEO is able to reduce the cost of medical devices and provide our clients with machines that produce high-quality results that are unparalleled to others.

Precision Hole Drilling Solutions by SYNEO

SYNEO offers precision hole drilling machines that allow for manual or automated production while operating with a wide range of medical tubing materials. Both of our Accu-Drill machines are space-efficient while being ergonomically designed with exceptional safety features.

Accu-Drill MD Series

The Accu-Drill MD Series is our manual catheter hole drilling machine. This machine is ideal for R&D, point-of-use and low-volume production. The Accu-Drill MD ranges from rotational to linear drilling and can be configured with one to three axes. This machine is capable of drilling precise holes into plastic, silicone and steel-braided medical tubing. In addition to providing precision hole drilling, this machine can also be configured to punch holes.

Accu-Drill SD Series

The Accu-Drill SD Series is our automated and programmable line of hole drilling machines. Similar to the Accu-Drill MD, the SD Series also ranges from linear to rotational drilling; however, this machine can be configured on up to four axes. This line of hole drillers are advanced and powerful in order to handle high-volume production needs while maintaining product quality. Our line of Accu-Drill SD machines allow you to maintain full control of drilling production by utilizing a color LCD touchscreen, pattern memory and adjustable feed and speed controls.

The SD series includes five models for precision hole drilling:

  • Accu-Drill SD100C – one axis, vertical orientation
  • Accu-Drill SD200C – two axes, vertical orientation
  • Accu-Drill SD300C – three axes, vertical orientation
  • Accu-Drill SD400C – four axes, vertical orientation
  • Accu-Drill SD400 – four axes, horizontal orientation


Whatever your production volumes are, SYNEO has the precision hole drilling machine that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. In the event that you are unable to perform these services in-house, SYNEO offers contract services for precision hole drilling so you are able to take advantage of our technology and expertise without the additional investments. To learn more about our services or machines, contact us today to consult with one of our application engineers or to get a quote.

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