Medical Device Manufacturing

The industry of medical device manufacturing is driven by research and innovative technology. With over 25 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, SYNEO has proven to be a leader in the industry by integrating automated solutions into the manufacturing process, resulting in the most precise and high-quality medical devices. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of cutting-edge technologies that provide the medical device manufacturing industry with the most productive and innovative solutions in tooling and automated medical device services.

Syneo Solutions

Our extensive list of mechanical equipment can effectively and precisely perform their given functions on a variety of different medical tubing materials. Since the company's first automated medical tube cutter was manufactured in 1992, SYNEO has evolved their Accu-Cut line to accommodate the variances in medical tubing that come with medical device manufacturing. In addition to medical tube cutting, SYNEO has designed and manufactured efficient solutions for medical tube-hole drilling, punching, wire feeding, tube flaring, tip forming and laser processing. Adding to the cost-effective benefits that each of our machines provides to medical device manufacturing, they are also designed to service a wide range of medical tubing, making our equipment and technologies some of the most productive in the industry.

SYNEO Contract Services

While the main focus of SYNEO is on design and manufacturing, we also offer a range of contracted services to meet your medical device manufacturing needs. From mechanical services such as hole-making and slitting to laser services such as marking and ablation, we are sure to have technology and capabilities that provide you with the most appropriate and effective manufacturing solutions. SYNEO can perform single or multiple functions as needed, both on individual occurrences and as reoccurring, long-term support depending on your medical device manufacturing needs.

Our expertise is reflected in the success of our technologies in the medical device manufacturing industry. As a finalist for the MDM West Innovation Award, SYNEO has proven to provide solutions for tasks that, in the past, were too difficult or labor intensive. Contact SYNEO today to learn how our knowledge and precision can take you to the next level in medical device manufacturing.

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