Guidewire Feeding

Automated Wire Feeding Solutions

Leading the medical device manufacturing industry, SYNEO designs and manufactures guidewire feeding machines that are automated and versatile. Our guidewire feeding machines are integrated solutions able to perform a number of functions within the most precise parameters. The innovative tooling and feeding systems we provide enhance the quality of medical devices that our customers produce.

Guidewire Feeding Devices by SYNEO

Our line of Accu-Feed machines provides fully automated medical tube and guidewire feeding solutions to SYNEO machines as well as machines manufactured by other companies. Our Accu-Feed machines work with a range of device materials and sizes, making them highly efficient in the production process. Accu-Feed stick feeders and spool feeders can be operated within a wide range of specifications, including high and low-volume workloads, while having the ability to perform the most critical device specifications.

  • Accu-Feed 110- provides high-speed stick feeding of wire, metal and plastic tubing for medical device applications

  • Accu-Feed 410- metal stick tubing and guidewire feeder that handles wire for all brands of centerless grinders in addition to performing other manufacturing processes

  • Accu-Feed 510- high-speed guidewire feeder providing tip processing at extremely fast exchange times for grinding, marking and ablation

  • Accu-Feed AGF- optimal guidewire feeding solution for certain centerless grinding processes with three models available, each handling different lengths (two, three or five meters)

  • Accu-Feed CPF- compact center pick feeder that works with a variety of wire and tubing lengths while reducing the amount of space required to operate

  • Accu-Feed LTD- low-tension dereeler that delivers a constant and minimal tension payout to other device manufacturing machines

  • Accu-Feed HPD- a high-performance dereeler similar to the design and function of the Accu-Feed LTD, upgraded to handle larger spools and some spooled metals

By replacing manually operated processes with automated guidewire feeding solutions provided by SYNEO, you will experience dramatic improvements in quality and productivity. Contact SYNEO todayfor a quote and to learn more about how we can improve your medical device production processes.

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