Cutting Tubes

SYNEO provides the medical device manufacturing industry with innovative solutions for cutting tubes and medical devices. Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of machines for cutting tubes and catheters, and for feeding, hole-making, tipping, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving and laser processing. Many of our machines function automatically to reduce time and costs in the manufacturing process.

Accu-Cut machines not only measure and cut precisely, but they start and stop automatically and remove scrap ends to deliver counted, sorted, cleaned product into a shippable container (bag or jar), providing the industry's most complete cutting solutions. Their large color touchscreens are intuitive to use. And, Accu-Cut machines use conventional razor blades for the lowest operating cost. To protect your investment, each SYNEO cutting machine processes a wide range of tubing materials and diameters with simple and repeatable setup.

In addition to cutting, SYNEO has the broadest product offering in the medical device manufacturing industry, including hole drilling and punching, and many more, see below:

  • Accu-Cut - automated medical tube cutting

  • Accu-Drill - tube drilling and skiving

  • Accu-Punch - tube punching

  • Accu-Feed - tube and wire feeders and dereelers/unspoolers

  • Accu-Flare - tube cut to length and flaring

  • Accu-Tip - tube RF tipping and welding/joining

  • Accu-Grind - guidewire tip grinding and profiling

  • Accu-Lase - automated laser processing systems for holemaking, ablation and marking

  • Accu-Trim - precise trimming and cut to length of assemblies

SYNEO also manufactures punches, drills and tooling for cutting tubes and other medical devices. Our cutting components are designed and built to ensure the highest precision and cutting performance. Our Applications Engineering teams we work with our clients to optimize machine features, tooling, and process parameters for their needs.

We take pride in the fact that our integrated solutions improve the quality and cost of medical tubing and device manufacturing. If you prefer not to perform a specific manufacturing process in house, we offer contract services so that you can take advantage of our technology with no capital investment. Contact SYNEO today for a quote or to learn more.

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