The Automation of Catheter Manufacturing

Enhancing Catheter Production Quality and Speed

SYNEO is the industry leader in catheter manufacturing solutions. Decades of experience in medical automation have given SYNEO the knowledge and expertise to produce precise and durable machines that have been adapted to evolve with the industry's growing needs.

SYNEO produces top-of-the line holemaking punches for all your catheter manufacturing needs. SYNEO punches are precise, durable and can drill, punch and skive holes in catheter-based medical devices. SYNEO punches also come with our years of expertise-we work closely with our clients, evaluating their specific catheter manufacturing needs and providing them with the best cutting tools for their purposes.

SYNEO punches are available in a wide array of materials, coatings, and tip styles, providing many customization opportunities and elevating the catheter manufacturing experience of its clients. SYNEO offers catheter punches in four different types of materials: 304 stainless steel, 17-4 stainless steel, 465 stainless steel, and specialty steel. SYNEO punches are produced in three variations of cutter edges and oval, round, and custom shapes.

SYNEO offers variations in coatings: titanium nitride (TiN) is the most commonly requested coating in catheter manufacturing. Super hard and lubricious TiN coating bonds to the metal surface of the catheter punch to reduce friction and increase toughness, improving punch durability. While any tool will become dull after continued use, SYNEO punches are durable and long lasting.

SYNEO was recently recognized for its innovation capability, receiving the 2016 MDM West Finalist in Innovation award for its Dynamic Guidewire Jacketing System first demonstrated at MDM West in Anaheim. Innovation in catheter manufacturing solutions is our culture at SYNEO.

Visit our solutions page and our catheter hole punches page for detailed information on how SYNEO is revolutionizing catheter manufacturing.

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