Automation of Medical Device Manufacturing

The Need for Precision Automated Manufacturing

With constant pressure on costs, combined with increasing demand, medical device manufacturers are looking for ways to maintain margins while increasing output and quality of their manufacturing processes. To help device manufacturers meet these complex demands, our mission is to improve the quality, speed and cost effectiveness of medical device production. Our 25 years of experience in medical device manufacturing processes enables SYNEO to create best-in-class automated medical device manufacturing machines.

SYNEO has led the way in the automation of medical devices by developing several lines of machines for manufacturing medical tubing and catheter components. Our full range of machines work together to automate nearly every stage of medical device production. Processes include medical tube and guidewire cutting, feeding, drilling, punching, tipping, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving, laser ablation, laser marking, and assembly.

Below are brief descriptions and links to each of our lines of medical device manufacturing machines:

  • Accu-Cut- advanced tube cutting machines providing unequalled length precision and cut squareness on a wide range of medical tubing

  • Accu-Drill- manual and CNC medical tubing and catheter drilling systems

  • Accu-Punch- manual and CNC medical tubing and catheter drilling systems

  • Accu-Feed - stick and spool feeders providing automated medical tube and wire feeding to SYNEO, customer, and OEM machines. Accu-Feed machines and SYNEO integration skills are key to fully automated production.

  • Accu-Tip - RF tipping and joining machines with best in class process control and full automation capabilities

  • Accu-Flare - integrated medical tubing cut, slit and flare machine

  • Accu-Grind- automated guidewire cutting, deburring and shaping machines

  • Accu-Lase- laser-based precision hole-making, cutting and marking machines for catheters and guidewires

  • Accu-Trim- safe and ergonomic pneumatic and manual medical cutters that deliver square, burr-free cuts for R&D, low-volume, and specialty trimming of catheter assemblies

  • CRS100- fully automated and programmable media ablation system that removes coatings and prepares surfaces on wires and tubes.

SYNEO is the world leader in drills and punches for medical device manufacturing and for medical device usage. These tools are used in our own holemaking machinery such as the Accu-Drill and Accu-Punch, and in customer and OEM machinery. They also are integrated into customer medical devices. View them on our Tissue/Suture Cutting page.

If you need production services and are not ready to start up your own processes, SYNEO offers short and long-term mechanical and laser contract services. Contractual medical device production is performed in our ISO certified cleanroom facility.

Enhance the quality and reduce the cost of your medical device production by contacting one of our worldwide locations today.

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