Automated Wire Feeding

Automated Wire Feeding for Increased Productivity

Our mission at SYNEO is to facilitate the precise and efficient manufacture of medical devices. We have developed automated wire feeding machines that can be integrated with our medical device manufacturing solutions, as well as with those of other manufacturers. The Accu-Feed Series is designed to replace manual wire feeding processes and increase efficiency while reducing production costs. Operators only have to load our automated wire feeding machines with batches of medical tubing or guidewire, after which an Accu-Feed spool or stick feeder gently delivers the material downstream to be processed.

View each of our automated wire feeding solutions for further specifications:

  • Accu-Feed 110- Precision stick feeder for feeding tubing and wires for various applications including to an extrusion line

  • Accu-Feed 410- Out and Back Guidewire grinder feeder for nitinol and stainless steel wires

  • Accu-Feed 510- High-speed guidewire feeder featuring programmable lot separation of processed parts

  • Accu-Feed AGF- A variation of the Accu-Feed AGF that interfaces with Gen 5 Eye-Bar style grinders

  • Accu-Feed CPF- Center pick tubing feeder that requires minimal floor space and can be fitted with a six-foot loading tray

  • Accu-Feed LTD- Spool dereeler designed to feed tubing or wire with constant, low-tension strain

  • Accu-Feed HPD- High-performance tubing dereeler for large spools of heavy material, ideal for oversized or harder materials


SYNEO optimizes medical device manufacturing processes through automation and integration. We work with our customers and their specifications at every stage of development and delivery to ensure unparalleled performance.

All SYNEO machines are developed to systemically work together in order to deliver maximum productivity and cost reduction. Aside from automated wire feeding machines, we offer medical tubing and guidewire cutting, hole making, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving, printing, assembly and micromachining. Contact SYNEO today to learn more about our automated wire feeding solutions and get a quote.

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