Automated Guidewire Feeding

SYNEO has led the industry with the design and manufacturing of medical device processing equipment that perform a number of functions, including automated guidewire feeding. Our goal is to design and manufacture machines that reduce the cost of medical device production. Through our integrated solutions, we are able to offer automated guidewire feeding machines that are designed to meet the most critical specifications.

Automated Guidewire Feeding Devices

We offer a range of guidewire feeding solutions that work with SYNEO machines, as well as machines from other manufacturers, ensuring the highest level of efficiency. Many guidewire feeding systems in the medical device industry require manually operated processes in order to obtain specific results. Our line of Accu-Feed machines provides clients with substantially improved quality, higher productivity and reduced costs through the process of automated guidewire feeding

Our automated high-speed and high performance guidewire feeding solutions include:

  • Accu-Feed 110- Precision stick feeder for feeding tubing and wires for various applications including to an extrusion line

  • Accu-Feed 410- Out and Back Guidewire grinder feeder for nitinol and stainless steel wires

  • Accu-Feed 510- High-speed guidewire feeder featuring programmable lot separation of processed parts

  • Accu-Feed AGF- A variation of the Accu-Feed AGF that interfaces with Gen 5 Eye-Bar style grinders


As a SYNEO customer, you will experience dramatic improvement in productivity with the use of our integrated and automated guidewire feeding solutions. We design our machines to be compatible with a variety of material coatings, material sizes and workloads, so no matter the size of the job, we have the capabilities to meet your medical device needs. Contact SYNEO today to learn more about our automated guidewire feeding solutions, and see for yourself why SYNEO is leading the medical device manufacturing industry.

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