Accu-Cut | Automated Medical Tube Cutting Machines

The first Accu-Cut automated medical tube cutter, the Accu-Cut 100, was manufactured in 1992. Since then, the product has evolved into an extensive line of advanced medical tubing cutters for a wide range of medical tubing, including large diameter, soft, brittle and braided catheter tubing. All Accu-Cut machines use a conventional razor blade or rotary blade and advanced cutting techniques to accurately cut catheter tubing to programmable lengths. Additionally, Accu-Cut machines use precision length and height measurement tools, guided part loading, automatic scrap sorting and a color LCD touchscreen. Many Accu-Cut options are available for greater control and performance, including recipe programming, slit and flare capabilities, and clean and convenient storage. The Accu-Cut family is the industry standard in precision tube cutting machines for the medical device industry.

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Accu-Drill | Manual and Automated Medical Tube Hole Drilling Machines

Accu-Drill hole drillers are safe, space-efficient solutions for drilling holes in a wide range of medical tubing. The Accu-Drill family includes both manual and automated machinery. Accu-Drill manual hole drilling machines are ideal for R&D, point-of-use and low-volume production capacities, and range from rotational to linear on one to three axis. The automated line of programmable Accu-Drill hole drillers are advanced, precise and powerful machines. Their high-volume throughput meets low-volume production demands while maintaining product integrity. Automated Accu-Drill machines range from rotational to linear on one to four axes. All Accu-Drill machines are ergonomically-designed with specially-designed safety features.


SYNEO’s state-of-the-art drills using a proprietary process. SYNEO’s Accu-Drill hole drillers are created for optimum accuracy while also being incredibly safe. They are precise and powerful, meeting low-volume production demands while also capable of maintain product integrity. Learn more about the range of SYNEO’s Accu-Drill machines.

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Accu-Punch | Manual and Automated Medical Tube Hole Punching Machines

Accu-Punch hole punching machines safely and precisely create holes of various sizes in a wide range of medical tubing materials. The Accu-Punch family includes manual, pneumatic and automated hole punching machines. Manual hole punchers range from rotational and linear on one to three axes. These machines provide a great deal of operator control for smooth operation. The university research model, the Accu-Punch MP10-UNV, is ideal for university-level applications. Automated Accu-Punch hole punchers range from rotational and linear on one to four axes, and are versatile solutions for high throughput manufacturing needs. All Accu-Punch hole punching machines are ergonomically-designed with safety features.


SYNEO manufactures precision cutter punches using a proprietary process. These tools are designed for making holes of various sizes and shapes in catheters. SYNEO punches are manufactured in Angleton, Texas, an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

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Accu-Feed | Automated Medical Tubing and Wire Feeders

The Accu-Feed stick and spool feeder family provides fully automated medical tube and wire feeding to SYNEO machines, as well as other machines, for cutting, centerless grinding, extrusion, marking, assembly, testing and many other medical device manufacturing processes. With an Accu-Feed stick feeder, operators load batches of medical tubing or guidewires into a hopper bin, and a custom-fitted vacuum pickhead gently feeds material downstream. Accu-Feed spool feeders utilize a controlled dancer arm for high-volume, critical tolerance manufacturing. Customers experience dramatic improvements in productivity, quality and cost-savings once integrating an Accu-Feed automated wire feeding system to replace their manually operated processes.

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Accu-Flare | Automated Medical Tube Flaring Machines

The Accu-Flare CSF was first developed in 2009, and is the first machine in the world to feature an all-in-one integrated technology for the cutting, slitting and thermal flaring of thermoplastic medical tubing. The CSF will lead the way to further developments in automated medical tube flaring.

Accu-Grind | Automated Guidewire Tip Forming and Profiling Machines

The Accu-Grind family of automated tip forming and profiling machines are ideal for Nitinol and stainless steel processing. The Accu-Grind ACD automated cut and deburr cuts, deburrs and shapes guidewires before or after centerless grinding for a more precise tip. The ACD can handle guidewires up to 5 meters in length, as well as spooled material. The compact Accu-Grind ATG automated tip grinder is one of the only grinders in the world built specifically for medical device applications. The ATG vision system automatically sorts pass/fail parts and allows the operator to view the grinding process on a monitor.

Accu-Lase | Automated Laser Processing Systems

The Accu-Lase V200 is the first of a new generation of SYNEO machines. Our automation and processing experience for catheter tubing and guidewire applications, coupled with our advanced in-house laser knowledge, leads to more advanced medical device solutions for manufacturers. The Accu-Lase V200 brings laser micromachining to medical device manufacturers in a safe, cost-effective way, while surpassing our high standards in hole-making and precision cutting of medical tubing.