Mechanical Services

Cut to Length Services

SYNEO has developed a line of machines that will cut medical tubing to precise lengths and within very tight specifications. SYNEO can accommodate a wide range of tubing material, wall thicknesses, lumen configurations, part lengths and tubing diameters.

Hole-Making Services

SYNEO performs drilling, punching and skiving services on a contract basis. The optimum method for performing the hole-making function is determined by evaluating the tubing material, the tubing wall thickness, the lumen configuration and the hole pattern that is specified. The SYNEO cutting tool is selected by matching the catheter tubing characteristics, cutter material and cutting edge characteristics.


Utilizing the Accu-Cut 202L with Slit technology, SYNEO is capable of slitting different materials to precise lengths before cutting the tubing to the required precision length.


Performed on the Accu-Flare CSF, SYNEO is capable of many different shaped flares. Flaring operations are also possible utilizing the Accu-Tip RF. Please consult with a SYNEO customer representative to determine which method is preferable.

RF Tipping

Utilizing SYNEO's Accu-Tip RF with TQM (Tip Quality Monitor), SYNEO is capable of many tip styles. Capabilities extend to a wide range of materials. RF technology can also be utilized for flaring operations.

Guide Wire Tip Grinding

SYNEO has contract service solutions available for tip grinding and profiling for guide wires, coiled shafts and other similar applications.


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