PressFit Machine

PressFit Machines: Manufacturing Solutions by SYNEO

Press fit technology provides an alternative to soldering connections by generating gas-tight electrical connections. What makes press fit technology superior to other methods is its ability to provide both a strong mechanical connection as well as an electrical connection. SYNEO is proud to offer improvements to our line of PressFit machines, which include the manual PressFit machine as well as the automatic PressFit machine.   

Our line of PressFit machines are backed by 20 years of manufacturing and design experience in combination with key members of the team that invented the servo press in the 1990s. Both the manual PressFit machine and the automatic PressFit machine are faithful to the original design while integrating with today’s advanced technologies and materials.

Manual PressFit Machine

Servo presses designed in the 1990s are no longer as easy to maintain due to outdated components. The new models of the manual PressFit machine will offer upgraded packages to greatly increase performance and accuracy while allowing for manufacturing that works with today’s conveniences.

Some upgrades include:

  • Replacement of all moving parts
  • Installation of a new patented feature (2-Stage Force) [Only for MEP]
  • New linear encoder on Z-axis
  • True-distance measure
  • Zero head gab to improve bent pin detections on high speed connector

Automatic PressFit Machine

The automatic electrical presses are being redesigned to improve accuracy and smoothness of the board handling. Automatic presses have new computers, software and electronics to be compatible with current data files.

Some of the upgrades include:

  • Smoother printed circuit board (PCB) movement
  • RFID tool identification
  • Better access for maintenance
  • Top and bottom bar code reader
  • Servo electric bottom tool
  • Bottom tool float

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As one of the advanced technology leaders in the connector pressfit assembly industry, we are well-equipped to offer the best solutions to meet your manufacturing needs. To learn more about our PressFit manufacturing solutions and how you can benefit from press fit technology, contact us today. You can also read more about our PressFit solutions by visiting the PressFit page on our website.

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