Press Fit Technology

SYNEO, a leader in the electronics assembly industry, has recently developed a new line of connector press fit machines. Press fit technology is a solder-free electrical connection which offers many advantages. SYNEO is working to further advance this technology and offers comprehensive upgrades and retrofittings for its previous PressFit models. Press fit technology creates gas-tight electrical connections by pressing a pin into a plated hole of a circuit board. Due to the similarity of press fit connections to THT soldering, the PCB manufacturing process remains unchanged. Press fit technology generates extremely strong mechanical connections, as well.

A Growing Demand for Press Fit Technology

The many advantages of press fit technology compared to conventional soldering technology are making it increasingly in-demand in many manufacturing industries. Below is a bulleted list of the advantages of press fit technology.

  • Press fit connections offer the lowest failure in time rates, up to 30 times lower than that of SMT solder joints
  • Press pins typically have an extraction force of 100 N, roughly 70% of the insertion force, making for extremely stable mechanical connections
  • Suited for both high continuous and peak currents
  • Low resistance of fewer than 200 µΩ; therefore, low heat dissipation and low thermal stress on circuit board components
  • Doesn’t emit fumes, gases or fluids which may reduce the contact reliability of the connector
  • An absence of solder bridging means no shorts
  • No warping of Backplane (banana effect)
  • Connector pins can be easily replaced
  • Press fit connectors do not need to be washed
  • Gold can be recovered easily
  • Mounting screws are unnecessary
  • Numerous economical and efficiency advantages

Press Fit Manufacturing

SYNEO has developed lines of manual and automatic electric presses. We pride ourselves on the precision, productivity and economy of our automated, integrated connector pressfit assembly solutions. Contact us today to inquire about a PressFit upgrade or a new PressFit machine.

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